Who are the Yes Please Team?

Who are the Yes Please Team?

Wizards! Just kidding (or are we?!). 

The owners of Yes Please are Leah Itsines and Mitch Caon, co-owners of the incredible BARE guides which is a healthy eating online platform helping people learn how to eat healthy through education, recipes, resources and more. 

Brittany (who is a wizardess) who is our wonderful Accredited Practicing Dietitian who writes many of the resource blogs for Yes Please, including ‘top tips for a night time routine’, ‘top 5 foods to reduce bloating’, and ‘what is protein powder’. Britts passion for healthy food, helping the community and wealth of knowledge is why we love her so much! 

Our Formulist is a leader in preventive nutritional and naturopathic medicine, particularly in the area of cardiometabolic health, women’s health, and mental and cognitive health. He is a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist, educator, researcher, and mentor with over 22 years of clinical experience.

Additionally, we have regular guest articles written by our favourite online health professionals to help you in any way.

If you have someone you LOVE in mind - shoot us an email with their details and we will bat our eyelids and say please please please to get them into our research centre!