Better Everyday Tote Bag
Better Everyday Tote Bag
Better Everyday Tote Bag

Better Everyday Tote Bag

Totes Awesome

Get ready to feel a lil’ stylish… and eco friendly! 
Made using High quality organic cotton, these totes are going to be your new bestie when you head to the shops! This tote will not only make you feel super cool when using it but help you glide into that recycle-reuse-ecofriendly era, and this is perfect to limit single use bags at the store.

Our tote features:

✨ Eco friently and Reusable
✨ Machine washable (cold wash)
✨ Made using organic cotton
✨ Double handled for ease
✨ Strong and durable material

Pour in your beverage of choice, hot or cold, and sit back and enjoy it at its perfect temperature for hours!

When you're ready to give it a clean, the bottle component can be washed by hand only, but feel free to put the lid and straw in the dishwasher!